Open Records Request

The Texas Public Information Act may be used to request information from the City of Galena Park. The information requested must already be in existence. The Act does not require the city to answer questions, perform legal research, create or prepare new information, compile data, or perform general research.


Requests under the Texas Public Information Act must be made in writing. Only requests made in one of the following approved methods will be responded to: 

  1. Via US Mail to the following mailing address:

            Office of the City Secretary

            City of Galena Park

            2000 Clinton Drive

           Galena Park, Texas 77547


      2. By hand delivery to Galena Park City Hall


      3. By sending an email to


      4. By submitting the online Open Records Request Form


Additional accommodations may be made pursuant to the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Please contact City Hall at 713-672-2556 if you need further details.