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My Dear Citizens,
I am excited to announce that our Covid-19 vaccination campaign continues in our city! If you fall under the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and are in the 1a (Front-line healthcare workers and residents at long term facilities) and 1b group (People 50 + or people 16 + with health conditions) and have not received your vaccine, please register by calling City Hall at (713) 672-2556 (Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM)
Together We Are Galena Park Strong! 
Esmeralda Moya, Mayor.

Vacunas Contra el COVID-19 
Mis Queridos Ciudadanos, 
Estoy emocionada de anunciar que nuestra campaña de vacunación contra el Covid-19 continúa en nuestra ciudad! Si usted se encuentra dentro de las direcciones e indicaciones del Centro para el Control de Enfermedades (CDC) y se encuentra en el grupo 1a (trabajadores sanitarios o equipos de socorro y residentes en casas de Salud a largo plazo) y 1b (personas 50 + años o 16 años con problemas de salud) y no ha recibido su vacuna, por favor regístrese llamando al Ayuntamiento al (713) 672-2556 (De Lunes a Viernes, de 8 AM a 5 PM)
Juntos Somos Galena Park Fuerte!
Esmeralda Moya, Alcaldesa.

Esmeralda Moya, Mayor.

  1. IMG_0885 (1)Galena Park Family Clinic

    Decades to come the citizens of this glorious city will have access to a high-quality healthcare that will allow them to improve their quality of life. This new structure will benefit our community and will represent the wholehearted values of the City of Galena Park. I am humble and grateful for the trust you have granted me, united we will continue to flourish and continue to be the community where citizens work hand in hand. 
    Esmeralda Moya, Mayor